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Privacy statement

Through this privacy statement, we aim to provide information about how and why Pashn AS ("Pashn") collects and processes your personal data. This privacy statement is targeted at users of the Pashn service. The privacy statement applies to all processing of personal data carried out by Pashn, including on the website and through applications. The processing will mainly concern personal data that we collect if you register as a user of the service.


We process your personal data in a lawful and transparent manner, in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation at any time. Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable physical person.


Pashn, through the company's CEO, is responsible for the data collected and processed by Pashn. The following privacy statement contains information you are entitled to when personal data is collected through Pashn, and general information on how we process your personal data.


Our Use of Personal Data

We collect and process personal data so that we can deliver our service to users of Pashn, to manage our business, and otherwise to fulfill the requirements placed on us as responsible for the processing of your personal data.


Pashn aims to offer a digital advisory service for couples through our mobile applications. The goal of the service is to provide users with essential tools to improve their relationship. We collect as little personal data about you as possible so that you can use the service knowing that your privacy is protected.


Confidential Treatment of Your Personal Data

Through our service, you may provide information about yourself and your partner that is very personal, and for most, considered intimate and sensitive. We take the responsibility of processing your personal data very seriously. Below, we have answered some important questions you may have about our processing of your personal data.


Can Anyone See Information About My Relationship?

The information you choose to provide about your relationship and your partner is encrypted and stored locally on your mobile phone. Therefore, these personal data are not transferred over the internet and are not uploaded to our servers. No one other than you has access to this information.


Is My Information Stored Securely?

We use encryption to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot access your personal data. The information you register about yourself is stored on a server at Microsoft Azure located in Europe. This includes your email address, your password, your first name, and your profile picture. Other information about your relationship that you provide is only stored locally on your mobile phone.


No Disclosure of Your Personal Data

We will not disclose your personal data to a third party. At a later stage, we may introduce collaborations with third parties offering relevant goods and services to you. In such cases, we will not share information with third parties that can identify who you are.


Personal data may be made available to a third party that assists us with the technical operation of our IT and accounting systems. When we allow third parties access to personal data in this manner, we use data processor agreements to ensure that third parties comply with our data processing requirements and applicable law.


How, Why, and For How Long Do We Process Personal Data?


As a registered user of Pashn


We only collect and process personal data necessary to deliver our advisory service offered to Pashn's users.


When creating a user account with us, we collect as little personal data about you as possible that can identify you. You do not need to provide your last name or your real first name if you do not wish to. You can choose to upload a profile picture if you wish.


We collect your email solely to confirm your account and so you can receive a new password if you forget it.


Information about your relationship is collected to fulfill the purpose of the service.


The legal basis for processing personal data in Pashn is an agreement on the use of the service between you and Pashn. Legal requirements may also be a basis, for example, reporting to public agencies related to payment functionality or our legitimate interest.


We, for example, keep statistics to have an overview of activity in the service. We have assessed whether the purpose of using your personal data is proportionate compared to your privacy. Our legitimate interests include the possibility of good administration of the service within the business.


You must ensure that the email address you provide to Pashn is correct at all times.


As a visitor to our websites

We use cookies on our websites. A cookie is a small text file, and our website will always ask your browser to store the cookie on your machine. We do this to remember your actions, preferences, and how often you have visited our site. Furthermore, we also use cookies on our pages so that we can keep statistics on how often our site is generally used.


When visiting our websites, you will be presented with an option of which cookies you wish to accept.


Use of Websites and Services from Third Parties

Pashn may contain links that may point to other websites and online services. These will not be regulated by this privacy statement, and it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the privacy conditions for such sites when using them.


Deletion of Your Personal Data

Pashn will delete your personal data if you choose to delete your user account with us.


We will also delete your personal data if your user account with us has been inactive for two years. We will send you an email reminder before the information is deleted.


If you object to the processing and there are no more compelling legitimate reasons for the processing, we will delete your information.


Note that there may be legal requirements that obligate us to retain your personal data for a certain period, for example, as a result of legal requirements in the accounting laws.


Your Rights as Registered

As registered, you have several rights related to our processing of your personal data. Here you will find information about what these are, and how you can exercise these rights with Pashn in connection with the processing of your personal data. If you request us to use one or more of these rights, we will comply with the request within a month from when it was made.


Requests can be sent through our contact form on your profile or by sending an email to:


Insight: You can send us a request for insight into our processing of your personal data.


Correction: If you believe the information we have stored about you is incorrect (e.g., email address), you can ask us to correct this at any time.


Object: If you do not want us to process your personal data, you can object to the processing.


Withdraw Your Consent: You can withdraw your consent allowing us to store and process your personal data, where such consent has been given, at any time.


Deletion: If you object to the processing of your personal data, or you withdraw your consent, information that we have stored about you will be deleted, provided that we do not have another basis for keeping these. If you wish your personal data deleted under other circumstances, you can easily make a request to us about this.


Data Portability: You have the right to request data portability for information about yourself that you have provided to Pashn, and which has a basis in consent or agreement. If you wish to exercise your right to portability, the relevant information about you will be sent to you or a third party that you designate, provided this is technically possible.


To Limit Processing: If you wish us to limit the processing of your personal data, you can request this under certain conditions.


Right to Complain to a Supervisory Authority: If you believe our processing of your personal data should be in violation of the privacy regulation or privacy legislation in general, you have the right to complain about this to the Data Protection Authority. Complaints can be submitted on their websites;



If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, you can contact us by using the contact form on your profile or sending an email to:


Changes to Our Privacy Statement

We may change the privacy statement from time to time at our discretion. When we make changes to this statement, we will change the revision date, and a modified privacy statement is effective from the revision date. We encourage you to read through this privacy statement to be informed about how we protect your information. If significant changes occur in the privacy statement, users will be sent an email about this.

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