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Talk to us!

Do you need someone to talk to? We are available to answer general questions or advise you in situations that have arisen. 

Everything we talk about is confidential, and we never share anything with others about your life or relationship.

  • Få raske tips på telefon eller teams

    15 min

    499 Norwegian kroner
  • 1 times samtale fysisk eller digitalt

    1 t

    1,290 Norwegian kroner
  • Nina og Sigmund møter dere begge

    1 t

    2,560 Norwegian kroner

"We received help through a difficult phase. Nina and Sigmund hit us right in the heart (and head) with their presence and knowledge. We are deeply grateful for the support we received and to this day, a year and a half later, are diligent users of the the tools we got with us in the process. THANK YOU".    


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